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Dinky's saga with Labrador Retrievers started when his father bought him his first Lab at the age of two years old. While growing up, his father owned, bred and showed a variety of breeds with the German Shepherd Dog always at the forefront. 

Dinky has been shoing dogs for as long as he can remeber. As early as 4 years of age , he would often accompany his Father to the dog shows. They owned a German Short Haired Pointer, Phil Ch Weidenbach B's Mac V Jove CDX (USA) who is, on record, the 1st Sporting Dog to win Best in Show in 1973 and the 1st dog in history to become a Philippine Champion and a Companion Dog on the same day. 

Together with his father and siblings, he was also involved with Japanese Akita's, Bull Terriers, and German Shepherd Dogs before personally getting engrossed with the Labrador Retriever in 1988. Dinky's Sunshadow Labrador Retrievers is one of the main forces behind the success of the Philippine Labrador Retriever today, He campaigned the legendary Phil Grand Ch Driftway Truffle to become the PCCI's #1 DOG for 1996, #5 for 1995 and #3 for 1997. He has owned, bred, and/or campaigned more than 120 Champions, Grand Chamipons, and/or Hall of Fame Labrador Retrievers - at least 70 of which are Sunshadow homebred. (U.K) - who, as of this writing , has sired forty-four (46) Champions both here and abroad.

Dinkly was awarded the distinction Life Member of the PCCI in 2005. He was the founding President of the Labrador Retriever Club Incorporated (LRCI) back in 1994. He is a full-member of the prestigious Labrador Reriever Club (UKJ and was bestowed Homorary LIfe Member of the Kennel Club of Pakistan. He is also currently a member of the General Committee of the Federation Cynologique International (FCI) Asia and the Pacific Section.

There is other information available for Mr A B Santos 111 on the web.

Contact Details
Rosalynn Casabella (Secretary)
Brisbane, QLD
Email : [email protected]

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